Aluminium Glass Office partition supply Sydney

properties & specifications


Aluminium is non-toxic, non-sparking, and non-magnetic. It will not burn, and will not ignite. It will not add to fire load or spread surface flame.

The extrusions stocked by Alsupply are produced from 6063 TS Alloy unless otherwise specified, and are produced in accordance with AS/NZS 1866.

The characteristics of 6063 Alloy are as follows:



Alsupply material is normally kept in Mill Finish, 10um Anodising (internal products) and 15um Anodising (general external products for moderate environments). 20 & 25um finishes can be provided for coastal and tropical environments subject to lead time and quotation.
Anodising is carried out to AS 1231 (1985).

Material can also be provided in powdercoat finish, in either standard or warranty grade powders.

Powdercoating is carried out by our group powdercoater Accent Powdercoaters Pty Ltd, with full chromate pre-treatment in accordance
with AS1627 (2003) and coating in accordance with AS3715 (2002).


Anodised Finishes
Deterioration of anodic oxidation (anodising) occurs mainly from moisture retained on the surface by grime deposition particularly where chloride ions or sulphur is present.

Regular cleaning (even as frequently as monthly in severe marine or industrial locations) is necessary to prolong the life of the finish.

Anodised finishes should be washed with warm water with a mild soap solution. A fibre brush may be used to loosen attached grime. The use of abrasive material such as emery paper or steel wool should be avoided.

Cleaned surfaces should be rinsed with liberal applications of clean water.

Greasy deposits may be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in white spirit. Acid, alkaline or emulsion cleaners should be avoided.

Powdercoat Finishes
Powdercoat finishes must be cleaned in the same manner as for anodised material. (White spirit is not recommended)

Abrasives, caustic or acidic substances should not be used.

In installation, contact with silicone, mortar (particularly) or other chemical substances should be avoided.